Sarah’s Story

worship To say that Camp Pinnacle changed my life would be an understatement. I attended camp for the first time during a Mom and Me weekend after finishing the first grade and immediately loved it. I came back each summer for ten years with my best friend. I remember deciding on our way home after our first time at camp, that when we grew up, we would become cabin leaders. My week at Camp Pinnacle each year was not only my favorite week of the year, but also the most impactful on my life and relationship with Christ.

As a cabin leader, hike leader, and worship leader, I was able to have meaningful conversations and worship experiences with lots of girls. This led to me growing confidence in my faith and my ability to initiate conversations regarding faith.

sarahWorking at Camp Pinnacle this summer surpassed every expectation I had and proved to me that through God, anything is truly possible and that He uses the even smallest moments and details to impact lives. I never thought of myself as someone that God would use, but each week I was able to impact girls’ lives and help them grow closer and experience God.

Camp Pinnacle gave me an environment to grow in my faith and confidence in a way like no other place. I consider myself blessed to have been able to spend my summer helping girls spend a week in an environment where they can experience Christ like I did as a young girl and as a cabin leader.

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