Camp Stamps

There are two ways to communicate with your camper electronically during the camp week: One-Way Email or Two-Way eLetters.

  1. Click here to login to your Camp InTouch account.
  2. Navigate to “Online Community” and select “Email” to email your camper.
  3. “Camp Stamps” are required to send emails to your child. 1 CampStamp = 1 email and any unused stamps roll over from year to year.
  4. A credit card must be on file to purchase Camp Stamps.

Please note: When you choose eLetters (or click the box indicated ‘yes, I want a response to my email’) you will be charged an additional CampStamp.  With this option, a blank form will be included in your email so your camper can write a response.  A staffer will email that response back to you as soon as the camper hands it in.

Due to the large number of campers and a full schedule during the week, campers will not be allowed to call home. The camp director or camp nurse will contact parents if there is an emergency or a need. If you have an emergency and need to reach your camper, please call Camp Pinnacle at (706) 960-9643 or Georgia Baptist Women at 770-936-5320.