S.K.’s Story

This summer was a “dream come true” in some aspects. Camp Pinnacle has been a place of constant growth and affirmation in my life. I went as a camper to meet “real live” missionaries. I learned about them through out the year, and then went to camp to put a face and name to what I studied and the people I prayed for. Camp was the place that the missionaries affirmed my call to missions when I was in middle school. Camp was the place I learned how to spend time with Jesus and enjoy Him. It is the place I was privileged to spend four summers as I worked and poured into campers. I made lasting friendships with the staff and learned the importance of community in ministry.

After college, the Lord called me to go to a place that was the missions’ focus for a summer at Camp Pinnacle when I was a camper. He meets campers at camp and shows them His heart for the lost. I know it is real. I was that camper. For two years I got to be part of the very beginning stages of sowing seeds. The ground wasn’t yet fertile for seed sowing; it was more like chipping at concrete and, in that, being faithful to share with people that had never heard the name of Jesus.  I tell you this, so you know the impact this summer had on me.

This summer I was able to tell the girls my story of God’s faithfulness in my life. They also heard stories of my friends that are part of an unengaged unreached people group on the other side of the world. The girls got to worship in a “house church” and learned a native worship song that the few believers sing. They prayed. They prayed for my friends to know Jesus. The impact the prayers have on that dark place is eternal. From Georgia to the ends of the earth, light is being shone as they prayed every week in Jesus name for the people to be saved.

I was also able to spend time with the staff. What a wonderful honor that I could learn about their lives, pray and encourage them. We had the most fun during those seven weeks. God moved and changed lives. Those ladies are on college campuses proclaiming His name! They are working at various places as bold witnesses of the Gospel. They have been called to stay in America and go to other places in the world all to bring glory to God.

Seven short weeks that made an eternal impact. That is what this summer was.

S.K., Missionary in Residence, 2015

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