Madison’s Story

img_1960Camp Pinnacle has changed my life. Before working here, I had attended one Mom and Me weekend when I was in first grade, but I can truly say the experience I have each time I go gets even better. The staff are like one big family, so accepting of one another. When I am at this camp I feel at home because of the atmosphere God has blessed its campus and staff with.
As cabin leader, I can say God has shown me more than I could have asked for than when I was a camper. I have always had a desire to do some sort of mission work, however my family was weary of me going out of the country for it. Luckily my cousin had worked at Camp Pinnacle for a couple of summers and mentioned it to me. I was so on board with their mission statements and goals. The environment is open and so inviting here. After working here, I have felt God telling me I should focus on missions in the states.

Camp Pinnacle has given me the ability to renew my relationship with God. I was a strong Christian before I came to camp, however I have found my confidence is from the Lord. unit-3This confidence has enabled me to seek God instead of rely on what the world tells me where my confidence should come from. This strengthened relationship has opened many more avenues for me than I could have ever dreamed possible. Due this new-found confidence and different teaching techniques I learned being a cabin leader, I have experienced a greater relationship with my Sunday School students. For instance, I use a combination of the story telling techniques to keep the students interested.

God has something planned and I cannot wait to see what He has in store, but one thing is for sure Camp Pinnacle will always hold a special place in my heart.

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