E.M.’s Story

This summer I had the awesome opportunity to be at Camp Pinnacle as a missionary in residence and talk with girls about the two years I spent in India as a Journeyman Missionary for the International Mission Board (I.M.B.). Not only was it great to hangout with the camp counselors and other staff who make Camp Pinnacle work, staying up till odd hours of the night, finishing tasks, laughing, and talking about life, but it was also great to see God working in the lives of the counselors and the girls who came to camp each week and to grow in my own trust in the Lord.

One thing I loved about this summer was getting to know each of the cabin leaders and staff. Even though they all had different personalities, talents, and stories about how they came to Christ, it was obvious God had brought each of them there for a purpose—to proclaim in their unique way what He had done in their lives. It was a beautiful picture of how God equips His body with exactly what they need to serve Him.

It was also encouraging to see that God is still speaking to young women and girls today and calling them to follow Him. Several times I had the opportunity to tell a story about one of my Indian Christian friends, who was almost put in jail for sharing her faith, and how God protected her. One night after sharing that story, a cabin of girls asked me if I would sit at their table at breakfast. I thought maybe they just wanted to have another grown-up come sit with them, but turns out, they had been thinking about the story all night and had lots of questions for me. We ended up having a deep conversation about persecution, and how the hope we have in Christ makes it possible for us to share our faith without fear. It was neat to see how God used my friend’s story to speak to the campers’ hearts and give them the courage to trust Him in their own lives. It was definitely one of my favorite moments!

~E. M.  Missionary in Residence, 2014

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