2023 Camp Pinnacle Discounts

First Time Camper Discount

Receive $10 off when you come to camp for the first time. This discount can be applied to each camper in your family. Enter the Promo Code: FIRSTTIMER when you register online!  Expires May 1.

*Does not include former Mom & Me weekend campers enrolling for the first time in week-long sessions.

Sibling Discount

Receive $20 off the second camper, and $10 off each additional camper.
Expires May 1.

*Not applicable to the “additional camper” fee for Mom & Me weekends, which is already a discounted rate.
*For week-long sessions, this discount occurs automatically. If you are registering one camper for Mom & Me and another for a week-long, we will add the sibling discount manually.

Referral Discount

Receive $10 for each first-time camper you invite who attends camp this summer. Expires May 1. Click here to complete the referral form. Please instruct the new campers to select “yes” at the referral question portion of the camper application, and to put your first and last name down as the referrer. Please email pinnacle@gabaptist.org when your friend(s) register so a Camp Pinnacle staff person can apply the discount to your account.

*The camper you refer is not required to come to the same session you attend. For example, if your daughter is a Teen Week camper now, but you have a friend or family member who would be a Mom & Me or Younger Girls' camper, you can still invite them and get the discount!
*Discount is credited to family.
*For new Mom & Me campers coming in pairs, the referral applies to the camper (meaning you get $10 for referring a pair). Otherwise, the referral applies to each camper in the family.
*Limited to 12 camper referrals (up to $120 off).

Georgia Baptist Mission Board Employee Discount 

Receive $30 off your registration fee.  This discount can be applied to each camper in your family.*  Please email campdirector@camppinnacle.net to verify your employment and request the promo code.

*Not applicable to the "additional camper fee" for Mom & Me Sessions, which is already a discounted rate.